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A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of oral procyanidin with vitamin A, C, E for melasma among Filipino women.

Handog EB, et al. Int. J Derm 2009; 48: 896-901



Figure 1 Change in the melanin content in the left malar area by mexametry   Figure 2 Change in the melanin content in the right malar area by mexametry   Figure 3 Melasma area and severity index (MASI) score between treatment groups



Conclusion: In this 8 week trial period, oral procyanidin + vitamin A, C, E proved to be safe and effective among Filipino women with epidermal melasma.



How does Pynocare White give you a brighter, clearer and even skin tone?


 MSCC Complex Actisome™, PiWhite™,
Vitamins C & E



• Regulates melanin production: reduces size and intensity of pigmentation

• Potent antioxidant: 50x more potent than Vitamin C & E

• Anti-inflammatory


 D-Salina Extract, Lycoskin™



• Increases erythema threshold

• Protects against UV rays





• Improves skin barrier function

• Retains moisture in the skin




Pynocare White proven efficacy in clinical trials to:

• Reduce intensity of melasma

• Reduce size of melasma

• Prevent formation of new spots


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