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What is Alerten Q50?

Alerten is an Emulcap based CoQ10 formulation marketed internationally by Mega Lifesciences

Alerten with Emulcap advantage helps in faster availability of CoQ10, gives consistent results and can be taken regardless of fat content of a meal. Taking Alerten with Emulcap technology can help prevent side effects of statins and also maintain its cholesterol lowering effect.



What is the source of CoQ10 in Alerten Q50?

CoQ10 in Alerten is extracted from very natural plant sources like beet roots and sugar cane.



What are the benefits that I can expect after consuming Alerten Q50?

• Feel energetic & improved quality of life.
• Counteract the problem of muscular weakness that caused by statin drugs.
• Stay alert and focused.
• Maintain healthy cholesterol level by defending LDL cholesterol from oxidation and prevent free radicals from causing toxic waste which can block blood capillaries.
• Stronger heart muscle, keeps heart pumping normal.
• Inhibit the rise of blood pressure.


What is so special about Alerten Q50 as compared to other brands of CoQ10?

• Emulcap technology increases bioavailability (One of the key requirement, for effective CoQ10 supplementation.
• Soft gelatin, ease in absorption.
• Blister packaging, convenient and hygienic



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