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How does Flexigen improve my joints?

Clinical studies have shown that, when taken daily, Flexigen may benefit people suffering from chronic joint symptoms by stimulating cartilage regeneration, which can help improve joint health.
With consistent daily use of Flexigen, it should take 3 months to experience improvements in your joint mobility and overall joint comfort. However, the efficacy of Flexigen varies from one individual to another and depends on the severity of the condition.


How do I take Flexigen?

One dose of Flexigen contains 10 grams of Hydrolysate Collagen in a single-use sachet. Studies have shown that this is the optimal dose for cartilage regeneration. Flexigen has a pleasant raspberry taste, may be taken with or without food, and may be mixed with 200-250ml of plain water or any other beverages such as fruit juices.


Is Flexigen safe to use?

According to studies, there are no known interactions with other medications or foods, and there are no known reports of allergic reactions. In addition, the active ingredient in Flexigen has been granted GRAS (“Generally Recognized As Safe”) status by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


What is the source of Flexigen ?

The active ingredient in Flexigen is derived from bovine (cow), formulation from Germany.


Is Flexigen Halal?

Flexigen is halal certified and enjoys high position in many international markets and even consumed by Muslim consumers across the continents.


Can I take Flexigen if I’m a diabetic patient?

Yes. Flexigen is added with Sucralose, a sweetener which it does not increase your sugar level.


Can I take Flexigen for skin health?

Studies have shown that Hydrolysate Collagen plays an important role in synthesis of type II collagen, which found abundantly in human joint cartilage tissue. There is no clinical data to support Hydrolysate Collagen for skin health.


Can I take Flexigen together with Glucosamine and Chondroitin?

Glucosamine and chondroitin are common used joint supplements. Flexigen active ingredient is Hydrolysate Collagen, is a totally different source with the function of cartilage regeneration. A combination of both may help to achieve optimum results.


Is Flexigen more superior to other joint supplements?

Flexigen provides 10g of Hydrolysate Collagen, is a clinically proven dose in regenerating human joint cartilage. A number of studies demonstrated that the administration of 10g Hydrolysate Collagen per day for 3 months significantly improves joint functions, reduces pain, decreases dependency on pain killers and improve leg strength.


What else can be done to improve joint health?

Changes in lifestyle may be necessary to improve joint comfort.

Weight control—Individuals who are overweight or obese should try to lose weight to help reduce the stress placed on weight-bearing joints and improve mobility. Excess stress can result in cartilage damage and further pain. Kindly consult your doctor or healthcare professional to develop a weight-loss strategy that is best suited to your needs.

Exercise—Research has shown that exercise is one of the most effective treatments for many joint conditions. A certain amount of stress is needed on the joint to help deliver nutrients to the cartilage. Exercise can also help to improve mobility and flexibility, as well as help maintain weight.

Non-drug pain relief—Individuals with painful joints may want to try ice and/or heat to help relieve their joint pain. Warm towels, hot packs, or a warm bath or shower as sources of moist heat can help relieve pain and stiffness. Ice or cold packs wrapped in a towel and applied to the painful joint can help as well. You should check with your physiotherapist or healthcare professional to determine whether heat or cold is the best treatment for you.


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