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Who can use GLOW?

All ages can use GLOW, preferably 20+ men and women who aspire to have a healthy, radiant and glowing skin are suggested to use GLOW regularly.

GLOW is really helpful for dull, dry, rough & unhealthy skin.

GLOW is particularly useful for those leading a hectic lifestyle with erratic eating habits & those having skin fatigue / skin tiredness.


How soon can I see the results?

With continuous use, it is possible to see visible results in 8 to 12 weeks. However, results may vary for GLOW depending on the individual’s skin condition & lifestyle habits.
For best results, it is recommended GLOW to be taken twice daily on regular basis with healthy diet, good water intake & moderate physical exercises.


Is Glow safe?

GLOW is safe and has no side effects.

GLOW contains essential nutrients for the skin derived from natural sources and hence it is absolutely safe for human consumption. All ingredients in GLOW have trusted and proven efficacy.

GLOW is manufactured at Mega Lifesciences world class pharmaceutical facilities which have accreditations and approvals from Australian & Germany FDA.

GLOW is approved by Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in Thailand, Malaysia and FDA’s from many other countries internationally.

GLOW is also clinically studied by Spin Control Institute, France for its safety and effectiveness profile.


Can I take Glow on a long term basis after achieving satisfactory results?

Yes. After achieving satisfactory results, regular use of GLOW is recommended as part of your daily skincare routine to maintain a natural glow and radiance everyday.


Can men take GLOW?

Yes, GLOW is suitable for men as it is for women. GLOW is a nutrient for the skin, so if men take it, they will see positive changes on the skin too.


What is the difference between PYNOCARE & GLOW?

GLOW is a multivitamin for our skin to improve the skin condition and quality. Most of us have dull skin due to stress, imbalance diet, lack of sleep and exercise. Due to our working conditions in air-con environment & hectic lifestyle, our skin usually becomes dry especially on our hands and legs.

These are the signs of skin fatigue. Therefore GLOW with the correct micro nutrients in the right combination and right proportion helps to effectively nourish our skin from within.

Some of us also have pigmentation & uneven skin tone due to sun exposure. A number of pregnant women and women who are on family planning pills also experience uneven skin tone & pigmentation. PYNOCARE is an effective oral de pigmentation skin care supplement as it neutralizes free radicals in the skin and body, the main cause of pigmentation.


Is GLOW clinically proven?

GLOW is clinically studied by Spin Control Institute, a world class research center headquarter in France. Clinical studies on GLOW show significant improvements on skin’s CLBT (Colour, Luminosity, Brightness, and Transparency). There are numerous other studies done at different centers in SE Asia which effectively demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of GLOW. GLOW is approved by FDA in Malaysia and many other FDAs from other countries internationally.


How do I take GLOW?

For best results, GLOW softgel capsules are suggested to be taken one capsule twice daily, after meals continuously for three months. After three months, you take one to two capsules daily to maintain a healthy and glowing skin.


Can GLOW be taken during pregnancy and lactation?

Although GLOW is proven to be safe, as a general precaution it should not be taken during pregnancy and within first three months of lactating. However, it will be advisable to discuss with your doctor before you consume any medications in your pregnancy or during lactation.


If I use GLOW, will it increase my weight?

GLOW contains essential micro nutrients (marine protein & vitamins) for the skin derived from natural sources that have no effect on weight gain. Weight gain could be due to other dietary factors & lifestyle condition.


How does GLOW work?

GLOW contains a special SKHN proprietary complex which facilitates -
• Improves micro circulation of the skin and nourishes it to look healthy, lively & glowing.
• Provides elasticity to the skin and makes it appear smooth.
• Improves the strength of the skin and makes it appear smooth & firm.
• Protects the skin from free radical damage and gives the skin a youthful look.
• Cleanses and detoxifies the skin.


Benefits of GLOW?

GLOW works together with our body to enrich and nourish the skin from inside out.

GLOW keeps our skin looking healthy, smooth, firm, radiant and glowing everyday and gives you the much desired confidence.


Can patients with acne/pimples take GLOW?

Patients with mild acne can take GLOW. However, patients with severe acne are recommended to seek medical advise from professional.


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