How soon can I expect to see results with PYNOCARE WHITE?

With continuous use of PYNOCARE WHITE, it is possible for you to see visible results around 8 to 12 weeks. However, results vary from person to person and also depending on the type of pigmentation.

Surface (Epidermal) pigmentation responds better and faster as compared to deeper (Dermal) pigmentation.



PYNOCARE WHITE is completely safe as it is a 100% natural formulation without any added preservatives or chemicals. Furthermore, PYNOCARE WHITE is approved by Ministry of Health and FDA’s of many countries internationally. PYNOCARE WHITE is also proven clinically safety & effectiveness.


Can I take PYNOCARE WHITE on a long term basis?

Definitely. PYNOCARE WHITE is all natural and completely safe, so you won’t have to worry about the side effects. In fact, the longer you take PYNOCARE WHITE, the more your skin will benefit from it. And owing to its powerful antioxidant properties, PYNOCARE WHITE also helps prevent the appearance of new melasma lesions.


Can PYNOCARE WHITE be taken by women who are pregnant or breast feeding?

Although PYNOCARE WHITE is proven to be safe, as a general precaution it should not be taken during pregnancy and within first three months of lactating. However, it will be advisable to discuss with your doctor before you consume any medications in your pregnancy or during lactation.


Can men take PYNOCARE WHITE?

PYNOCARE WHITE caters to all skin types and research has shown that about 10% of skin pigmentation cases occur in men. PYNOCARE WHITE therefore provides the ideal solution for men to achieve and maintain an even skin tone.


When is the best time to take PYNOCARE WHITE?

It is suggested you take your PYNOCARE WHITE softgel in the morning (after breakfast) to protect yourself from the free radicals from the sunlight and after meals at night to help you recover from the exposure to sun.


What is the recommended dosage for PYNOCARE WHITE?

It is suggested that one capsule of Pynocare White is to be taken twice daily after meals.


How does PYNOCARE WHITE work?

Pynocare White works in 3 ways:

Regulates – Regulates melanin production therefore reducing the size and intensity of pigmentation. MSCC complex Actisome contains potent antioxidants 50 times stronger than vitamin C and E. Free radicals are neutralized therefore regulating melanin production.

Protects – D-Saline and Lycoskin increases the erythema threshold protecting the skin against UV rays.

Moisturises – Lucent P (rice ceremides) improve the skin barrier function helping the skin to retain moisture giving patient’s skin with better texture and smoothness.


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