Affects The Color Of Your Skin

Skin Pigmentation - What is it?

Dark spots, uneven skin tone or pigmentation due to an over production of melanin in the sun exposed areas mainly the cheeks, upper lips, nose and chin.

How is melanin connected to skin color? Melanin is the pigment that gives color to our skin. This pigment is produced by cells called Melanocytes. The production of melanin happens deep down in the skin with the help of various enzymes. The melanocytes then distribute the melanin to the upper layers of the skin due to which we get our skin color


How does pigmentation occur?

• Exposure to the sun is the main factor which leads to the development of pigmentation due to over production of melanin.
• It is most common among Asians and Latinos due to the fact that the areas they live in have high UV exposure.


The sun’s UV radiation generates harmful free radicals and triggers inflammation
Increase in the melanin producing cells (melanocytes) in the skin
Melanin is over produced which leads to pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dark patches on the skin



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