What is Skin Fatigue?

And How It Is Triggered

Ever wondered why your skin does not glow inspite of your best efforts?


A dull, dry, rough & wrinkled skin is a manifestation of your busy lifestyle, inadequate dietary systems & everyday stressors.

Leading nutritionists around the world call this as “Skin fatigue” – an inner skin turmoil that needs internal nourishment. Skin fatigue is common among women aged 20 - 45.

According to leading Anti-aging and Aesthetic Experts more than 50% of Asian adults between the ages 25 to 50 years suffer premature aging due to skin fatigue & skin pigmentation.


What triggers skin fatigue?


Stress - Everyday stresses and strains can be a major cause of lack luster skin. Due to stress, our adrenal glands release cortisol (stress hormones) which heightens skin problems. This further makes our blood vessels more reactive, shutting down the blood flow to the skin. This reduces the collagen and elastin in our skin, thus impairing the skin’s repair mechanism resulting in skin fatigue.

Poor diet - Poor diet is one of the factor for poor skin condition. Nutritious diet is capable of promoting skin health and delaying extrinsic skin aging. The need of right micronutrients in right proportion is critical for healthy glowing, radiant, even skin toned and prevents ourselves from premature aging.


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